A bargain, nearly perfect

The positive:

It's worth the price: try to buy the cheapest cable, the cheapest connector: not sure you can make your own cable at a cheaper price. Surely not if you put in the balance the time you spent ordering the material (order, pay, receive, unpack) and making the cable.

Even if it's not expensive, this is a professional cable: Neutrik NL4FX connectors, strong 2x2,5G cable, with good flexibility.

The negative:

Be sure to open each NL4 and give one or two turns more on each screw: some have been too softly screwed and a copper lead could escape from its pin.

One would wish to have this cable fitted with a transparent shrink tube already slipped around the cable.

It would make the cable marking easier (a must do for any professional company).

To do this, I had to unmount and remount one Speakon on each cable. It has been a fast operation, thanks to the screwing connector (no soldering).