Pyramid Svenson´s Resophonic StringSet

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Pyramid Svenson´s Resophonic String Set; string set for Dobro/Resonator;,aterial phosphor bronze; gauges 016 .019 .028w .039w .049w .059w; the wound strings are slightly sharpened; This set of strings was specially developed for resophonic guitars. With the gauges 016, 019, 028w, 039w, 049w, 059w, the Cone (resonator) is pressed firmly into the guitars even with deep tunings and thus has no loss of sound. The wounded bass strings minimize sliding noises and thus give the sound more sustain. Pyramid quality strings are made of the finest materials with the greatest precision and expertise, they are reliable and tone-pure; The combination of round core with the string gauges .010 .013 .017 .024 .032 .042 was very important to Jerry and Svenson in order to create the sound and playability of the Twangmaster string set.

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