Noise emission

very cool device

I needed spd-sx not just for 9 pads with any sound I want, but for trigger inputs to make a hybrid drumset. It almost ideal for this purpose. almost because of 2 bad things: there is only 2 stereo trigger inputs (4 mono).. I knew it, but I think it's not cool ((. if there was 5 stereo trigger inputs for standard set (kick-snare-3 tom-toms) it would be ideal for me.. just ideal. and there's an issue, everybody knows-the sensivity of 3 higher pads is too low.. you've got to beat it really hard to make a sound. but despite of these issues, SPD-SX is a very cool, functional, and great device. I've got TD-30 Thomann edition drumset and I love Roland stuff a lot. so I bought SPD-SX and it makes me happy like just like TD-30:)