Galwaydrumschool verses the Roland spd-sx!

Having had about 2 weeks to get to grips with the Roland spd-sx my impression at this stage is that it is a super tool for any drummer interested in working with sampled or electronic sounds.

Not nearly as 'plasticy' or light as some reviews I have read suggested.

Samples destined for the unit must be 44.1 khz/16bit which means a convertion process for those working with higher resolution files..perhaps Roland will update the firmware at some point to allow higher sample/bit rates to be used?

Lots of clever 'drummer friendly' features allow quick sample placement and routing...traditionally a quite tedious task!

You can set the pads to trigger the way you wish very easily i.e loop/re trigger,mono,poly etc..minimal need to refer to the manual!

The 'wave manager' software works well and the unit is instantly recognised by my computers when I plug in the usb cable.

I've also used the unit to 'write' drum parts into my DAW via midi and it works great for that task too..much more fun than tapping on a keyboard!

Having created a 'kit' of orchestral percussion sounds I'm going to use the unit live on a musical next week.

The unit comes 'ready to go' with a great set of 'kits' but for me the real jewel in the crown is the ability to sample 'real' sounds and phrases.

Overall I think it's a great tool and well worth consideration if you are a drummer/musician interested in sampling.