Great addition to your setup

This is another excellent piece of equipment from Roland. It's an excellent sampler which is it's primary function. It's also pretty easy to use and setup. The main limitation I find with this is my imagination. The usb/computer interface is not too bad but could be a little more user friendly and visually appealing. I find that I get better response from my Roland triggers when I use my TD-12 compared to this but it's pretty good - perhaps I need to play around with the settings a little more. I know it's first and foremost a sampler but I think it would be nice if it came with some more drum sounds so it could be used more right out of the box. I'd also like if you could add four dual triggers instead of two. If it did that it would be awesome, I'd actually use it as a hybrid kit for recording with EZDrummer. Overall it's excellent at it's intended use but I'd like the option to expand it a little more without having to buy a Octapad.