This item NOT suitable for metal mouthpieces which are narrower

I bought this and did not realise that it is not suitable for a metal tenor mouthpiece, it only fits the larger/ wider plastic mouthpieces. So, I have to return it and reorder a different one-very annoying - and I now have to pay postage too.

My suggestion to the usually excellent Thomann team is to change the description- there is no "further information" available and whilst the the packaging tells you it's for plastic mouthpieces this is not visible on the website.

UPDATE- so I then bought the one "suitable for alto/tenor metal mouthpieces". Guess what, it doesn't fit an Ottolink metal, it's too small this time. Again, the information provided by both manufacturer and Thomann's needs to be improved. I can get it to play but it's right at the ned of its adjustment so much so that it's a real problem to get the reed in the right place.

Playing wise- its just "ok", I lose a bit of volume and control and prefer my old setup. Hmm, disappointed on several levels.