Silverstein ORIGINAL Black Clar M / Alto S

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Ligature for Alto Saxophone Mouthpieces

  • For plastic or rubber mouthpieces
  • Size: Small
  • Optics: Black carbon optic with dotted cord
  • This ligature unites the free sound of cord binding with the easy handling of a leather ligature
  • Incl. manual and warranty registration card
  • Incl. cap
  • Handmade in USA

Suitable for the following alto saxophone mouthpieces:

  • AW Reeds: Tendo 7
  • J & D Hite: Premiere
  • Otto Link: Eburnated bar
  • Tone edge
  • Selmer: S80, S90, supersession, soloist
  • Ted Klum: VersiTone model L
  • Theo Wanne: Gaia, Kali
  • Vandoren: V5, V16, optimum AL3
  • Yamaha: 4C
  • Yanagisawa: Hard rubber
  • Also suitable for all popular Boehm clarinet mouthpieces

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