Silverstein HEXA Metal L

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Ligature for Soprano Saxophone Mouthpieces

  • Suitable for metal mouthpieces
  • Size: Large
  • Six times wrapped with the 2nd generation of the Silverstein string
  • 4 Fine-adjusters for harmonious and better functionality
  • With cord end to prevent displacement and deformation of the cord
  • With anti-slip pad for quick ligature change
  • Finish: Champagne Gold, decorated with crystals by hand
  • Includes capsule
  • Handmade in USA

Suitable for the following tenor saxophone mouthpieces made of metal:

  • M10Fan
  • Otto Link: Super Tone Master
  • Theo Wanne: Amma
  • Destroyer
  • Gaia
  • Also suitable for Lebayle metal baritone saxophone mouthpiece

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