Sonor SQ1 Standard Hot Rod Red

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Drum Set

  • SQ1 Series
  • Standard configuration
  • Drum shell is made from 100% European birch
  • Bass drum shell: 10-ply, 10 mm in thickness
  • Floor tom-, and tom tom drum shell: 7-ply, 7 mm in thickness
  • 45° bearing edge
  • CLTF "cross lamination tension free" glued on drum shells and an OSM "Optimum Shell Measurement"-reduced drum shell diameter ensure optimal vibrational behaviour
  • Sound Sustainers - drum mounts for toms and floor toms
  • TuneSafe screw lock (prevents tension rods from loosening, maximising stability)
  • Bass drum comes equipped with wooden hoops in a walnut finish
  • Toms comes equipped with Remo USA Ambassador Coated- and Remo Ambassador Clear resonant drumheads
  • Bass drum: Remo USA Powerstroke 3 Clear- and Powerstroke 3 Fiberskyn resonant drumheads with Sonor logo
  • Lacquered silk-matte
  • Colour: Hot Rod Red (HRR)
  • Made in Germany

Drum shell set includes:

  • 22" x 17.5" bass drum without tom tom rosette
  • 12" x 08" tom tom
  • 16" x 15" floor tom

Order does not include cymbals, stands, other hardware, snare and drum throne.


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