SSL 500-Series UltraViolet EQ

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Solid State Logic 500-Series UltraViolet EQ; 4-band stereo EQ in API 500 format; Fusion Violet with minimum-phase high and low shelving filters; two additional fully parametric mid-band EQs, each with focus mode for targeted frequency processing; switchable high-pass filter (Off/30/40/50Hz); output level trim control; LF shelf EQ: +/- 9dB gain @ 30/50/70/90Hz; HF shelf EQ: +/- 9dB gain @ 8/12/16/20kHz; HMF parametric EQ: +/- 9dB gain @ 400Hz - 6kHz; LMF parametric EQ: +/- 9dB gain @ 100Hz - 1.1kHz; gain trim: +/- 12dB; format: API Series 500, requires two 500 slots

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