Stageworx BLS-315 Pro Light Stand Kit

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Stageworx BLS-315 Pro Light Stand Kit; light and speaker stand with light adapter; set consisting of the Stageworx BLS-315 Pro Lighting Stand B and the Stageworx TS-1 Light Adapter:; Stageworx BLS-315 Pro Lighting Stand B:; professional and stable light stand; material: Steel / Magnesium compound; individually reinforced legs for high stability; with safety pins; height: 150 to 310 cm; transport length: 124 cm; stand diameter: Ø 120 cm; with 35 - 36 mm adapter sleeve (Attention: does not fit all speakers); max. Max. load: 30 kg; Colour: Black; Weight of stand: 5,60 kg; Stageworx TS-1 Light Adapter:; for mounting a single spotlight; Diameter of support plate: 9 cm; Height of sleeve: 8 cm; Inner diameter of sleeve: 28 mm; M8x15 thread with wing nut; Colour: Black; Both items Made in Europe; Optional accessories (not included):; 100 cm crossbar: Art. 293501; 120 cm crossbar: Art. 293504; suitable bag: Art. 293512

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