Decent lights, decent constructions, nice manual

Bought a range of lights from different sources to try against each other before bulk buying one specific type and gotta say I was extremely pleased with these. Nice solid build quality, decent knobs on the end for tightening and lovely manual (seems like a silly thing but some of the manuals from other sources were pretty pathetic). The do have a fan built for cooling but there wasn't any noticeable noise during testing phase although I could feel the air flow. Perhaps after long use it might get noisier but after about an hour of testing it was still quiet.

Largest appeal for me was the white channel which is handy for certain types of camera/camcorder lighting although not great for a subject illumination due to the split shadows.

Comes in 4,6,8 channel modes with lots of pre-sets, one grip though would be the buttons for changing DMX channels you can't hold in the up/down channel buttons and have it auto scale it you have to continuously press the buttons. That's about it though.

I would be nice to see a Thon flight case bundle for this level of equipment, would totally have purchased a bundle.