Good value for money.

I have the Mega Tri Par Profile 5 x 3W (ADJ) and i wanted an upgrade. So i tried the Stairville Quad Par Profile 5x8W. Looking at both of them, is like comparing a FIAT to a Mercedes. One feels plastic, while the other one feels alot more solid.

Light output, i would say the Stairville is about 2 times brighter. Very rich colors, especially the red's or darker colors, that seem "weak" in other less-bright pars.

The Cons : Its definatly heavier than the Mega tri par profile (thats not necessarily good) and the metal stands dont open very wide, which makes it unstable when you put it standing on the metal bracket.

I would also like the light to have a very slow transition from one color to the other, like the older Stairville 64 10mm LED pars used to have (with the switches in the back). That slow-transition color option was awesome.

All in all, at the moment, i dont think there's a better value for money. Recomended.