Colour mix
Illuminating power

Best led can there is!

I use 8 of these every week for many different situations and gigs, they are bright enough to be impressive in a club with a dmx program and elegant enough to be placed in a dance hall as uprisers.

For their tiny size there built strong and robust, bright and such a good quality beams of colour such as mixing as primary colours. Very responsive to dmx programming and have a great feature of power daisy chaining male and female IEC connections. Really says you can use as many as possible without the fuss in many mess.

Very transportable and slim so easy to store and great to assemble both on ground and off a stand. Legs are narrow well brackets when on floor there used as legs but they are manageable.

As far as tricolour rgbw go they are of fantastic lighting quality and build, few minor plastic parts that can be of issue but treated with regular care should be no problem.

Overall great to use great effect to any club or venue great for mobile use and very responsive to dmx channelling. Come with individual remote controller and very affordable. Cheapish but very much able for the pro gig.

10/10 excellent par can that can be used for everything!