Steinberg HALion 6

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Virtual Sampler and Synthesizer

  • Complete workstation with over 3400 sounds and 40 GB of samples
  • Synthesizer sound engine with virtual-analogue synthesis, wavetable, and granular synthesis, as well as tone wheel organ
  • Sample playback with disc streaming and up to 192 kHz sample rate
  • Multitimbral sound engine with up to 64 MIDI channels
  • Sample import for creating your own instruments
  • Integrated sample recorder
  • Extensive processing options such as slicing and audio warp, sample and wavetable editor, library creator, macro page designer, HALion script, and many more
  • 68 Integrated effects
  • 32 Stereo outputs and 6 channel surround support
  • Includes different instruments such as The Raven Grand, The Eagle Grand, Hot Brass, Studio Strings, Anima Wavetable Synthesizer, Skylab, etc.

Note: Software license only -- without data storage device.

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