Teaching competence
Educational value

Great for a total beginner

I have got this one as part of my guitar set from Thomann (DVD included). Its a great little starter book for those just stating to learning guitar playing. I played acoustic guitar for many years so for me it was too basic.

I wish I had this book when I started playing back in the old days because if I did I would have learned how to hold a pick correctly and how to place my hand correctly on the neck. Now I find it hard to change that habit. All this can help your hand and fingers ergonomically because one can deform the finger if holding the pick in a wrong way and the wrist can develop issues if you hold the neck wrong.

This book will teach you chords which is the started point of all guitar playing. Many scale playing is hidden in the chords. Some songs you will learn in this book are Whiskey in the jar, House of the rising sun, Helldriver and more.