Awash with Ambience

Bought this to pair with a Strymon El Capistan: you know the score... tape delay into gorgeous reverb for that ambient sound.

The Bluesky does not dissapoint and has lots of tones from subtle to over-the-top wettness. It has a loveley (semi-hidden, so RTFM!) tails feature, so that bypassing the pedal does not cut the effect dead, but carries on fading away, especially usefull if you have an epic long reverb running.

There are a fair number of combinations, with different types of reverberation. Modulation is nice, and can add a subtle twist to your sound. The vanilla reverbs sound crystal clear, but of course you can shape the top and bottom end to get a darker tone or ethereal high end only.Everything is just a knob twist away, so no menu diving. Easy.

Overall, there is nothing to dislike. True bypass is there if your inner tone-junkie needs it, but the analog bypass with trails is a winner. I found no issues with tone-suck.

In a lot of cases, unless you are after a specific effect, this pedal can be considered an essential, in the line, set and forget - just gives air and room to your sound; or of course you can get massive long reverb tails that you hone and save as a favourite setting, so you can punch it in when needed.

If you don't need memories and MIDI - but just want the Strymon Reverb Sound, this is brilliant. I love it.