I'm satisfied!

After week of using this sub, I'm pretty satisfied!

This thing has huge amount of power, although you will probably not use quarter of it (in order to match the levels to my Yamaha HS50m, I'm having this thing at about 15%, with crossover at about 60hz).

Bass response is very quick and price, no rumbling (when level-matched), this sub generates very deep but precise sound.

I was pretty stoked about the finish of this thing - I was expecting some cheap abs, while this thing is build exactly as good as Yamaha's HS series.

The 'power saving' function is indeed poorly designed - there are some audible clicks in your main monitors when 'waking up' the sub, however I find this really not very annoying.

If you want to actually know what is happening with your mix in the low freq, this is the best solution for the money.

I think thomann and their swissonic brand did great job with this product. Totally recommend it.