A great bit of "bottom end"

I bought this sub as part of a package deal with two tops and all the cabling and stands. It has been perfect for the two applications I have used it for - solo acoustic gigs and as a vocal PA for small band gigs. The sub has a surprising amount of power for its size and coped comfortable with an audience of around 50 people. It added plenty of body when I put my acoustic guitar through it. It is wonderfully compact, sitting comfortably on a car seat. It's also handy that it has RCA inputs alongside the jack sockets, as this allows me to plug in my iPod to keep the music going for breaks/packing up time. I like the fact that the sockets are recessed so they don't get bumped when it is being transported. The construction is hardy and isn't showing many signs of wear and tear despite considerable use. I would thoroughly recommend this unit - it offers a very good quality/price ratio.