You get what you pay for.

So, an unbeatable price and the usual prompt and efficient Thomann service, but I did have a few issues with the product.

The first is with the labeling and I mention this because even though this is a very keenly priced product, it really wouldn't have cost any more to do this better. The lesser issue is the numbering of the XLRs at he 'tail end' - it would have been nice to underline the '6' and the '9' to differentiate between them, but the bigger and more annoying issue is the labeling on the stage box; very small, very dark grey numbers on a black background! I'm guessing that whoever made that decision has never had to re-plug on a dark stage.

The cable that arrived sadly also had a fault; the pin 1 connection was open circuit on one of the cores. Rather than go to the trouble of returning the item, I fixed this myself which entailed opening up the connector and stage box. This revealed a couple of things. Although the fault was not at the tail end, the soldering in the connector was quite poor (quite a lot of exposed copper in there), so I will have to open those up and check them all. However the I traced the fault to the stage box. The connectors in there are mounted on two PCBs with the cables soldered onto those and the missing screen connection had never been connected and was simply floating around. An easy fix, but, I think, indicative of lax quality control. Again the general internal wiring was quite 'messy' and all of the pin 1 (screen) connections are 'commoned'.

So my conclusions; OK for the price, but carry a soldering iron, test it carefully and treat it gently.