Seriously Good Value

Having purchased the sssnake over a year ago, my primary concern regarding a product like this (multiple channels that I can rely on every time I use it!) has been satisfied. Although not used on a daily basis (once or twice times a month perhaps), it has really taken a beating so far! The quality of the product is not (at least) below what is to be expected for the price. The outer shielding of the cable could perhaps be a little thicker in my opinion. I have not yet had to inspect the internals but the multicore box entry point seems strong and sealed well by the screwing top. One slight issue did occur with this however, as the outer shielding came loose after a particular show and had to be re-inserted with the screw cap loose. Aside from this small issue the multi has held up well against shows where only tape protected the cable from pedestrian traffic, prams, wheelchairs etc. Minus the fact the shielding could be thicker, the core tends to "squash" well under pressure, meaning it would take either something OVER approx. 100-150kg or very sharp to damage the internal cabling. (Have witnessed similar bulk cable types "crush" under pressure as the core is too tight, breaking the internal wiring). So far, so good. Highly recommended if required within a budget.