great multicore for the price

A great multicore for the price -

the tail ends are well marked, making it easy to cable up in limited light and the connections clip easily home on every console i have used, not too tight, meaning you don't have to wrestle the connections in and out.

the tail cable covers are usually thick making them more sturdy and less vulnerable than average multicores. the different colour coding for sends and returns also makes cabling up easier.

I would caution that these are not nuetrik/rean ends - not bad for bduget but more than once i have had to unscrew the cap to the connector and re-screw.

the numbers on the stage box aren't as good - grey/green on black making them hard to identify at a distance.

the velcro bag to contain tails is also a nice touch - though its starting to show signs of wear after a year;s use.

all in all good for the price but remember it's a budget multicore