Good cheap cable

I use this little cable to connect the standard output of my computer to my amplifier, so I can keep the outputs of my Focusrite reserved for my music.

This cable is a good cable, for its price. It works well, is shielded enough not to have weird buzzes and does not microphone (pick up sound from the environment), like crappy cables (who are usually about the same price) do.

The plugs are pretty well crafted and do not break easily. Quality of the material seems pretty professional; same material as all sssnake cables, so good for home-studios, but I imagine also as (extra) cables in a professional recording studio.

Ofcourse, compared to a gold-plated professional cable, this will probably perform less if you check the small details in spectrum analysis, or for very heavy use in studios or gigging, but for all general purposes, it is definitely good enough.

I have not found any noise or contact problems, and it is dirt cheap compared to most similar cables in other shops, so can definitely say it is a good cable and recommend it.