Wasn't sure, but...!!

I ordered this amplifier because i have a 2 way system at home.

I was very unsure, but it turned out that the amplifier was very good.

Sound quality is great! Nothing to say about it! It's class D. No coloring of the sound as far as i am concerned

What i was unsure about was the ratings, it dosesn't say much about load/ohm/watt at what THD.

I have measured it to deliver 4x640w @ 4 ohms @ 1% THD so i am quite happy!

Also, i was exited to find out about noise from the fans. I can't hear them, really. There are two temperature controlled 80mm fans placed at an angle inside, pulling air from front and side and pushes it out on right side.

It's easy to use! Both the software and the on board controller works really great to set up, load, save and adjust presets and settings.

I REALLY recommends this amplifier, especialy for home use (Example; home teatre/home cinema, multi way setups and sub arrays)

I don't know if there are any amplifiers that can compare with this one for the price, and maybe even even more expensive amplifiers.