Multi tasking beast

After a few weeks thinking, finally bought this amp. I was like, if it doesnt work as i expect, ill send it back. I drive mostly my double 15 tops and double 15 bass bins from this amp. It might not have the rated power fully, however it is able to drive out my 4xdouble 15 bass bins without any hassle. These bins are 4 ohm 1000w each. Before this amp i had to use 2 2x1000W amps which they were about 45kgs. Now i can only use a not a lot more than 10kgs amp to drive all of them from one amp. That is something!!! Built quality is not comparable to the top range, but it does what it has to. If you want to put it out for window shopping, go for the original lab gruppen series....... Thx Thomann