Better than expected!

I have been looking around for a few sets of headphones for artists in the studio and for on location recordings. Unfortunately my budget dictated what i could reasonable get away with without losing too much quality... also most bands don't tend to look after their own equipment, let alone some one else's so cost effective is the key!

After searching and being recommended the main brands, i stumbled across the T.bones.

The build quality is much better than i expected, solid headband, good cushions, excellent cable and connector. The only bit i am concerned for in the long term is the part holding the ear pieces together as it looks like it's held by a single screw.

Connectors are mini jack but with a screw on adaptor. Excellent long lead, just what i need.

Audio quality is good, some people say too little bass but i think that is only because so many other makes overemphasize the bass range in modern headphones - Ok for normal playback but in the studio it is hazardous the mix.

However i feel the t.bones will tire the ears with long term use.

All in all a nice bargain, can't argue at this price point.