Good for the money, but only that.

This is a simple digital xover filter of "so so" build quiality;

The good:

- It's cheap! and it does what it supposed to withouth hangups. But that's about it.

The bad:

- The metering lights seem very unreliable, it seems like they have alot of "lag" in them

- The display has developed some issue that the letters get all mixed up and strange when you haven't touched any of the controls for a while, this problem came after about 1.5years of usage.

- Not very flexible in/out routing, there are just a couple of routing presets that you can choose from.

- You can't delay the left signal from the right only sub from top.

- The interface is slighly confusing and I keep pressing the wrong buttons even after several years of owning it.

- The parametric EQ are set to fixed bands, so it's more like a graphic eq with adjustable bandwidth than a proper parametric EQ.

I can't really comment on the sound as I havent compared it side by side to anything but I don't experience it as "bad sounding" but I probably wouldn't use it in a studio environment.