Thomann 10H Concert Ocarina G2

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10-Hole Concert Ocarina

  • G2 Soprano
  • Size: 12.0 cm
  • Tuning: G major
  • With 64-page instruction manual (A5 German/English)
  • The 10-hole Ocarina is designed to appeal to beginners as well as professional musicians
  • By the extensive Ocarina school (in C-tuning) the instrument is also easy to learn in self-study
  • The range of 1.5 octaves also offers professional musicians a wonderful musical performance on this extraordinary instrument
  • Can be used by soloists, duets or ocarina ensembles
  • Also suitable for playing alongside other instruments, whether for classical, jazz, blues or folk music from all around the world
  • The ocarina can be played in all genres of music
  • With double hole to enable easier playing of C/Cis tones
  • Colour: Black-Brown
  • Incl. Padded pouch with a cord for carrying

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