Radial Engineering Tonebone Trimode

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Overdrive Pedal

With the Tonebone series, Radial has concentrated on offering "power tools for musicians", which allow the musician to perform classic tube sounds independently of the downstream amplifier.

The Tonebone Trimode is based on the well-known Classic, but offers 2 channels. In addition to classic gain and EQ controls, a filter control helps to adjust the tube equaliser, for example, to a very high-load amplifier. With additional sliders you can tailor the treble response, mids and gain - depending on the guitar and personal preference.

If you use the True Bypass you have the clean sound of the amp, Channel 1 and 2 are for Crunch and Lead. Both can be customised with the help of contour and voicing controls. Boosted mids or scoop sounds - everything is possible - Plexisound and also modern! The lead channel also has an FX loop; this way, you can (for example) introduce a delay into your solo with one switching operation.

This way, with a nice-sounding clean amp, you can have a clever 3-channel system.

  • With 12AX7 tube for first-class tube sounds
  • 2 Independent adjustable channels
  • Natural dynamics
  • Mid boost per channel adjustable
  • Effect loop for lead channel
  • True bypass
  • Power adapter included

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