Versatile device

I bought this pedal for the filter. Not for its Fuzz.

The filter works and sounds very good, especially with an expression pedal. I'm not into envelope following filters, but it does that well too.

The Fuzz sounds like an angry duck. Especially when the envelope filter is engaged. At first I thought it to be useless for me.

But, when you roll back the volume on your guitar and play those high tones above the 12th fret, you get a very good octavio effect. In fact, it's better than the EQD Tentacle. And that was specially build for that effect.

It even sounds better if you stack it with an overdrive or distortion.

Also, it is very quiet. The noise it produces is minimal. Thanks to the gated fuzz.

With an octaver in front of it, its sputtery tone suddenly becomes massive and aggressively overwhelming.

All in all, with a very good sounding and usable filter and a fuzz that produces great octavio sounds and works well with other pedals, I'd say this is a great pedal if you use it right.