Creative reverb that looks as good as it sounds.

I am using it to make ambient/post-rock sounds, and loving this pedal, it's always on now.


Can go 100% wet

Creative interesting reverbs.

Top mounted jacks.

Sounds Fantastic


Only 3 reverb algorithms available for ~£170

It's not a overly complex box that once you understand the controls it's quick to find a good sound that can create oodles of ambiance, you can hit that sustain and now it's infinite, you can then add modulation depth and make your ambiance much more involved.

Dream and Dark are great for more typical reverb sounds, but one of the funnest sounds I've found is sending distorted sounds in to Rise mode with 100% wetness to make for these delightful swells, that work similarly to swelling with a pedal or volume knob, but much simpler to achieve.

I've not had a chance but I think I could use that could be used for creative sounds outside of guitar but I'd need to try plugging a synth / bass into it really to further explore what it can do.

Appearance wise it's quite something to look at on your pedalboard and at the end of the day I think we can all agree that's all that really matters.