Yamaha YTR-4335 GSII Trumpet Set

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Yamaha YTR-4335 GSII Trumpet

  • Bb Trumpet
  • ML Bore Ø: 11,65 mm
  • Gold brass bell Ø: 123 mm
  • Tuning slide brace
  • Slightly modified
  • New bell with optimal material thickness
  • Two-piece gold brass bell
  • Monel valves
  • Water key on the third valve slide and main tuning slide
  • New valve cover and finger buttons
  • Stop nut on the first valve slide
  • Silver-plated
  • Incl. Yamaha TR11B4 mouthpiece and TRC-400EII case with backpack shoulder straps

Bernd Hoffmann Trainer Classic Trumpet

  • Practice Adapter for Trumpet
  • Deluxe model
  • For trumpets (11 mm)
  • Two exhaust holes for regulating air resistance
  • Made from walnut

BuzzBuddy BuzzBuddy Trumpet

  • Attachment for Trumpet Mouthpiece
  • Fits 3C, 7C and most standard mouthpieces
  • Also works with many cornet, flugelhorn and French horn mouthpieces for children (e.g. JK 1DK)
  • The BuzzBuddy is placed on the mouthpiece and gives the player more comfort
  • Especially suitable when wearing braces, for marching bands, in cold weather or with lip injuries
  • Suitable for beginners up to professionals
  • Made of approved food grade silicone
  • Developed in Australia

Note: Delivery without mouthpiece

Set contains

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