Acoustic Image DoubleShot S4plus Speaker Cab

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Product Details

Speaker Cabinet

  • Model 690 EX
  • Suitable for acoustic and electric instruments (also for guitar bass and keyboard)
  • Compact and transport friendly
  • Cylindrical shape
  • Diameter approx. 30.5 cm
  • Width approx. 28cm
  • Weight approx. 18kg
  • Small enough for the overhead compartment in the plane or to stow under the seat
  • Two side-emitting 25.4cm drivers with wide frequency response, a forward-emitting 12.7 cm center driver with level switch
  • 2-Way asymmetric crossover that emits sounds in all directions filling the stage and performance location
  • Rubber shock absorbers allow the installation of an amplifier head on the speaker cabinet
  • Designed for 4 ohms, 600W.


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