Amount of fog

Excellent Product

I use this fog machine for both indoor parties and tent parties. In both cases, the machine generates a huge amount of fog in little time. Even with lots of wind passing through the tent, the Fury Jett Pro was able to keep up and keep the tent nice and fogged up.

The LEDs on this machine are very powerful and look very good. I myself am a big fan of the blacklights too.

I tested the Fury Jett Pro at many different angles: upsidedown, on its side, at an angle, and of course right side up. It worked flawlessly every time. It's also possible to move the juice container 'floor' to the top, allowing you to place the juice container upsidedown.

The fog machine works both with the included remote and over DMX. The remote has 4 buttons (A, B, C, D) which all trigger the fog and each turn on a different color of light. The DMX control works as expected, I used it in 7 channel mode, which allowed me to trigger the fog and set the light level of each color individually.

The only thing I didn't like about it was how loud it was, it could be heard over very loud music.


- Lots of fog

- Very nice and powerful LEDs

- Remote control is very nice

- DMX control is what you would expect


- Very loud

Quite expensive for a fog machine but its a top of the line product. Aside from the noise, I don't really have any complaints.