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DMX Hardware and Software Controller for Windows and OS X

  • 512 DMX-Channels
  • Extensive fixture-profile library
  • SSL2 Profile editor and support
  • Drag and drop effects generator
  • Play back of multiple scenes simultaneously
  • Arrangement of scenes in groups
  • Sound to light with BPM audio analysis and pulse analysis
  • Live snapshots
  • Live scene dimming and scene speed control
  • Standalone backup storage
  • BPM Tap
  • Master fader
  • Scenes button configurable as flash button
  • Blind processing - modify scenes without outputting DMX
  • Improved multi-pan and tilt support
  • With Windows and Mac installers downloading the latest SSL library after installation via an existing internet connection
  • "Cloud-search profiles" look for the latest and best fixture-profiles from the program itself, no scanning of Dropbox anymore
  • Users can select multiple steps in a scene and change a single channel parameter, without altering the rest of the channels
  • "Maintenance" application that is installed with the program looks for component updates or new versions of the software
  • Large optimisations and stability improvements
  • Not compatible with ARM-based Windows tablets (Intel only)
  • The myDMX 3.0 interface runs with the myDMX 2.1 software in full mode

Note: If you already own the myDMX 2.1 hardware, you can use the software 3.0 myDMX and download for free from the manufacturer's site. myDMX 3.0 then runs in restricted mode. The myDMX 3.0 software does not work with myDMX 2.0 hardware however.

Attention: From the package MyDMX 3.0 software is running in restricted mode, where 512 live DMX channels and 60 standalone channels are available - 3D visualiser, easy remote, the 8 contact ports and MIDI functions are disabled. These functions can be purchased as an upgrade including additional live channels (for MyDMX Buddy) and standalone channels.


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