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  • Blues Guitar Complete Edition by Lou Manzi
  • If you are interested in learning the acoustic blues guitar, you can get started right away with this book
  • This comprehensive method includes everything from simple to sophisticated techniques and styles
  • Beginning concepts include basic blues theory, left hand techniques, intros, turnarounds, improvisation, and more
  • Then, take a look at the 12-bar, 16-bar, and 9-bar blues progressions before tackling the scale and arpeggio-based blue solos
  • The book concludes with advanced techniques including the fingerstyle blues, with many pieces in standard, open and alternate tunings
  • In addition, slide guitar technique, pentatonic and blues scale theory and application, modal theory, jazz blues, walking bass lines, popping and advanced techniques such as muting are shown and explained
  • Whether you're a blues beginner or an advanced player, Acoustic Blues Guitar Method Complete is the perfect complete set for the acoustic blues guitarist
  • The example pieces from the book can be played from the MP3 CD
  • Written in English language

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