Computer utilisation

A great MIDI controller, apart from some details

I was a bit divided between this Arturia MiniLab MKII and the Akai MPK mini MK2. I chose this one because it looked nicer, because I didn't like the mod and pitch wheel being merged in a joystick in the Akai and because the keys looked sturdier. I was not mistaken about that, I have some friends that had the Akai and the keys actually felt really flimsy and some even broke.

I wanted something that I could take with me everywhere and that could also be on the side of the computer in my home studio to try synth sounds and deal with them easily before going to my main keyboard that is not a MIDI controller but has more keys and better quality overall. This keyboard does the trick but there are a few details I would like to mention.

First, the knobs have really little sensibility if you turn them slowly but can go crazy if you crank them up a little faster. That can be useful in some cases, but in other is really distracting and can slow your workflow. Not something terrible, just something to keep in mind.

Second, I prefer the pitch and mod wheels being separate things, but the "touch" feature is a little unnatural and, in my opinion, unnecessary. But since I only use this keyboard it for drafts or dialing sounds, it's ok for me.

Off with the bad points, on with the good ones.

The pads are really good and sensible. They feel great and have a really nice response.

The size is perfect to put in your backpack and take it anywhere, and since it doesn't require any batteries or a power outlet, you can make music anywhere (keep in mind that it is white, it can get dirty really easily if you're not careful).

The keys are not amazing but they meet the goals that is to play with more or less sensibility.

It looks awesome!!!

Overall was a great buy, considering the price and the functionalities it has, plus the plug-ins it gives you. If your looking for something portable and powerful, I would recommend the Arturia MiniLab MKII ;)