Computer utilisation

AVOID. Lots of practical features. Build is awful, knobs and Arturia costumer support are miserable.

I bought this after several reviewers recommended it, and more importantly, because of the endless encoders with default mapping to macros in Ableton.

These encoders turned out to be utter garbage. A slight turn to the right and the MIDI will jump dramatically to the left. To turn a macro knob in Ableton fully (1-127) you must rotate the knob over 720degrees (on fast acceleration setting). Their precision are unsellably bad. Avoid this controller like the plague if good encoders is what you seek.

The keyboard gets the job done. Cheap build, but much better to use than my laptop keyboard. Same goes for the pads.

The included software, Analog lab light, is very good. The presets in it beat every Ableton stock preset by a mile.

Worst of all has to be the extremely confusing MIDI control center and awful manual. After reading the manual I still could not set it up properly to utilize the banks. I emailed Arturia to ask what the issue was and they very rudely ignored the content of my email and sent a copy-paste guide of how to set up the controller in Ableton. This was not what my email asked.

I would not recommend this product at all. If keys and pads is all you want, I'm sure there are better cheap products. If you need knobs, these will disappoint you very much. I've read forms in which several people returned this product solely based off the poor quality of the encoders.