Computer utilisation

Great small keyboard with pads and encoders

The main reason why I bought this controller was to have a small keyboard with endless rotary encoders. I don't like pan pots because it's hard to map them to your VSTs. So after a lot of research, I found that this Minilab was basically the only keyboard who actually had proper encoders!

I was also looking for a smaller keyboard to put on my desktop. Most keyboards with only 2 octaves tend to have a "cheap" feel, and move easily when playing on it (I'm a pianist). But here, the build is quite sturdy. You can really play on it and it won't budge. I must say some of the keys can be a bit stiff, but I feel that it gets better overtime.

The keys themselves are a decent size, and I like the fact that they're not hollow at the bottom (like most cheaper controllers). The pads are alright, but they're not as good as Maschine or Ableton Push pads because you have to press harder to trigger them correctly. But I don't really mind since I don't really use the Minilab to drum on it.

The cherry on the cake? This keyboard comes with a free full version of Arturia Lab, meaning that you get hundreds of great sounding presets from the Arturia VSTs. And it's perfectly mapped to the Minilab, so you can play and tweak the sound at the same time.

Overall a great buy. I actually bought Arturia's Keystep after that. They're a good combo.