Azumi AZ-S2 RBE

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Transverse Flute

  • Ring keys
  • E Mechanism
  • Offset G
  • B-Foot
  • Nickel silver plated
  • 925 Sterling silver lip plate and riser
  • Pointed arms
  • Handmade 958 Britannia silver ALTUS S-cut headjoint
  • Incl. case, cleaning cloth and cleaning rod
  • The precise workmanship coupled with great attention to detail and the best materials distinguish these flutes from other models
  • The masterful scale, appearance, and sound of ALTUS flutes can once again be found in these AZUMI flutes. The handmade ALTUS "S-Cut" headjoint makes possible via the slightly higher blowing resistance a personal, colourful and expressive sound with much possibility for dynamic nuances. The professional pointed arm design of the mechanism provides increased stability and durability during intensive phases of practice.

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