good price/performance

The features this unit has are great. DA usually cannot be found on other even much more expensive mic-pres. So very good for mix returns + clock sync over ADAT (no need for BNC cables although they can be used also)

Noise floor could be better if you are hooking more then 4 units in a recording system since noise floor really builds up when you open gain to usable levels on dynamic mics. It is better with condensers which are usually louder and you need less gain there. But it is perfectly usable with only one or two units. I am using 6 of these + 2 others for an inexpensive 64 ch recording rig - which is really great for the price. Just have in mind that noise floor buildup (not noticeable on other 2 units that I have - yes they are a bit pricier)

There is a lack of individual phantom power which is not really that big of a problem. And it would be nice if there were some gain level indicators.

Just one more thing if you are using more than one unit in a rack - inputs are in the front to accommodate for outputs on the back - so when inserting cables there is a bit of a problem to reach for a gain knob. Use a larger rack with space between units for that.

Other than that the unit is really perfect and easy to use.