Difficult to say anything about this kit that has not been said before, but I'll give you my opinion.

It's great in a multitude of roles. Extending an interface with more physical inputs. Breaking out more outputs from a DAW into a analog desk. Works well. Currently I have it set up like this to sum mixes with my ZED r16 (I have no firewire on my current PC - Inputs are going via ADAT also to a UMC 1820...all works beautifully).

As an input device, it's also easy to use and solid. The MIDAS preamps on this updated model are clean, quiet crisp. The box is almost worth it for these alone. It would be nice to have some further options, like to split phantom between groups of 5 inputs. Possibly an impedance switch per channel. But for this money, I'm not complaining.... also considering my current application is outputting at line level.

There's a reason why this kit is almost a standard, even in quite professional environment, and this new version with better preamps is just even better.