Does what it says on the tin, unexpectedly well.

If you want a half decent set of pre amps without killing the bank, this is an option worth considering.

I honestly expected these pre amps to be noisier than they actually were. With all the spiel I hear about behringer using poor converters or components, I honestly couldn't tell the difference between this and the pre amps in my RME babyface. The build quality is good, and unlike some behringer products the red metal front makes it look rather cool. I tested the converters into my RME babyface and monitored the Db noise floor, and found their to be roughly 10 Db noisier than the RME mic pres. If that bothers you, then this won't deliver the exceptional specs of higher grade mic pres and converters, but if you are just using your ears, then chances are you probably won't notice too much of a difference between this and say a focusrite octopre.

Overall, it's a quality unit which has served me well so far, and I have no real negative issues with it.