Extremely happy and impressed with this product.

Build quality is very good with a nice, solidly built casing. The buttons and volume pots are sturdy and the input level pots are smooth and feel sturdy.

The MIDAS preamps are an obvious highlight. Inputs are clean and noise is non-existent, even when using the line inputs.

There are numerous reviews out there that highlight sync issues with the ADA8200 and other audio interfaces but linking it up to my FCA1616 was a doddle using a single TOSLink cable. I think the main reason for this might be that the FCA1616 control panel software allows you to select which type of input is the master clock. In my case I simply set it to "Optical", set the ADA8200 to "Master" and no problems at all. No loss of sync and no timing issues with my DAW.

The only criticism I can level at this product is the level LEDs. It would have been nice to have a little more than just "Signal" and "Clip"...a full level LED, like the one on the FCA1616 inputs, would have been nice.

Highly recommend this product, especially if you own an FCA1616 and what another 8 high quality inputs.