Great Value for Money

As you would expect, it isn't as well made as more expensive pedals. The construction is fairly solid but I doubt it would stand up to much abuse. The knobs on mine are a bit odd too. The level knob is very tight and considerably more difficult to turn than the drive knob, which seems loose by comparison. The tone knob seems to be somewhere in between the two in terms of resistance. This isn't a major issue but it does raise some questions about the construction quality. For home or studio use it shouldn't be a problem but I wouldn't use it for playing live unless I had a backup.

That aside, it sounds great. It's pretty much identical to a tubescreamer. I use it infront of a 6505 as a boost and it performs it's job of tightening up the low end and adding saturation perfectly. Considering it costs a small fraction of what you would pay for the tubescreamer it's modeled on it really is a bargain.