A bargain Tube screamer that rivals the original!

This is the tube screamer, and not just any tube screamer, but the original one! There is literally no difference in sound whatsoever! The controls are familliar, and it works the same. Gain on minimum, level at maximum, tone in the middle for a boost, everything else for a good overdrive.

The build quality is like any other Behringer pedal of this range however and that means plastic all over with wonky connectors. The knobs are ok though. But for a approx. $20 pedal, it's no surprise, nor does it matter in this case because most people will have it on all the time without stomping on it too much (as a boost).

If you never tried a Tube screamer as a boost, this is the best one to get to see if you like/need a tube screamer in your life. It's affordable and the sound is (at least to me) indistinguishable from the real thing. Later, you might want to upgrade to a real one in case you need a sturdier pedal, but for a pedal that stays on and isn't stomped on, this one will last a while too!

It's amazing value for the price!