This pedal survived years of abuse

I've had this little pedal for years now. Its coloring has faded from being exposed to the sun for too long, its rubber cover on the step portion has fallen off...

But the thing still works. For the money I paid for it years ago, I've gotten a ton of value back.

Its pots do feel wonky and it's sometimes hard to get the tone you are looking for out of it. Stepping on the pedal will sometimes turn it on and off as the button below it is not super-reliable. Replacing the battery is always an annoyance due to how the thing is put together — you need to push a spring mechanism in from both ends, then do the same when putting it back together.

I've mainly been using it as a booster for my distortion channels, and it served its purpose just fine for that.

In fact, it still does — it's hooked to my bedroom amp right now.