Good stuff

A tubescreamer style overdrive from Behringer. Three basic knobs: drive, tone and level. Does exactly what you want it to do.

The build quality is not the best, as you might expect at this price point. The case feels sturdy, but the knobs are a bit wobbly and the pedal is a bit loose and doesn't feel like it could withstand too much jumping on it. I've only had it at home so that's not a problem, but you might wanna be careful if you play live with it.

The sound is good though. Smooth overdrive at the lowest setting, all the way to a crunchy distortion at maximum drive. The tone knob sweeps from low to high, giving more emphasis on the desired frequencies. I think it sounds the best from 12 o'clock right to maximum. I haven't found the low settings too useful yet.

The price of this thing is so incredible for what you get. Great distortion for guitars, synths, or whatever you wanna throw at it.