Brilliant Tubescreamer circuit

Behringer actually manufacture the chips that are used in many perceived higher quality Tubescreamers and so on such as the Ibanez models. In effect this is a top quality circuit housed in a plastic enclosure.

In terms of gigging this pedal, I'm not sure I would risk it if I was actually using the switch - however, if you're using a loop switcher (like a Boss MS3 or the Harley Benton StompControl), you won't need to worry about this. To be honest it may not even be an issue, just perception wise at least a metal enclosure should be more reliable?

I've got/had many other tubescreamers and while many have their quirks and added features, the main core sound remains pretty consistent, so if you're looking to dip your toe in the Tubescreamer world, or are just looking for a pedal that can give you that extra bit of drive and mid boost, the TO800 is a great choice, especially at this price point!