A quality mic especially for recording snare drums

The mic is well packed, well manufactured and stylish. It looks and feels very professional.

I have been using the Beyerdynamic M201TG as snare mic in my studio. Being a hypercardioid mic the M201TG has tight polar pattern meaning it won't catch other sound sources from the sides. This is a major problem when recording snare drums - the hihat usually leaks too much to snare track. The M201TG sorts that problem out better than the usual Shure SM57. It sounds also brighter without being harsh. I haven't spotted any exaggerated frequencies or sound problems. It just gives a good pro sound and with carefull mic placement no eq is needed. There is no hum or any noise. Its small size is a big plus!

If you want a better mic than the SM 57 with just bit more money, get this one!